Flying into Los Angeles 4 years ago to pursue her California dream in the entertainment industry, Wild Eyes Magazine had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with flutist, actress, artist, designer, and now Youtuber, Riria Niimura as she multitasks her way to giving L.A. her own Tokyo spin on fashion and media.

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Starting on the recorder at 3 years old, and switching to the flute at 6, Riri practiced 6 hours a day to perfect her talent and passion for music. She’s won countless awards, some gaining her global recognition for being the youngest flutist in history to earn them. Her musical talent was featured in Vancouver’s 2010 Winter Olympics, and in 2014 she played at the notable Colburn Conservatory of music orchestra where she featured one of her own fashion designs on stage.

Her driven passion for being a flutist gained her fame in Japan at just 8 years old. Later on, her admiration for performing grew and she started including choreography in her musical pieces such as a musical/choreographed performance she had done of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’. Riri says that music once was her main focus, but that was until she was 17 and moved to LA, she choses to solely try to concentrate on her acting career.

“I switched my main focus to acting,” she says. “I’ve been practicing music less, but I definitely put in more time for acting. For now, my passion is my career in entertainment,” says Riri.

Riri studied at the New York Film Academy, however her hard work and dedication has started to pay off. She’s been featured in many music videos such as Chris Brown’s ‘Anyway’, Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’,’s recent ‘Boys and Girls’ music video and is in the works of a Fanta commercial for both America and Japan.


The online clothing company, ‘Skinny Bitch’ has taken interest in Riri and will be featuring her in their editorial booklet as a model. She explains, “I’m excited for that fashion wise, there’s always so many things going on.”

Alternative Fashion, Fashion, Model, United-States, New York

Wearing her own pieces in her musical performances, her concept company ‘Awesome R’ does custom hats, shirts, and other articles of clothing. Mostly using already designed clothes, she adds her own personal Japanese/American fusion to the pieces. “I wear my own costumes that I design myself on stage, but as well for music videos where they are featured not only on me, but on others,” She says. Riri also explains that a huge inspiration to her own style is Harajuko fashion from Japan, explaining that she likes to grab bit and pieces from the Japan design and add her own edge to it.


‘Tokyo Gal in America’, Riri’s new Youtube channel has had a great start, mixing Japanese culture along with American culture. Riri explores the differences between both countries and hopes to broaden her influence to widen her fan base not only in America, but also to those in Japan.


When asked how she manages to do acting, music, design, art and now Youtube she explained, “It’s simple, I really like to keep myself busy, I always have to be doing something to make my life better.” Riri is not only an inspiration to others but to us at Wild Eyes Magazine, talk about time management!


Riri says that future goals of hers are to model amongst Parisians on the runway, or to have the opportunity to preform for a fashion show. Regardless of her new passion for acting, she hopes her music will open up options such as duets with big named artists to live perform with them. She also would like to collaborate with her all time fashion inspiration, “I really want to work with the Balmain,” she says. “He’s just sensational and a new fashion icon. His designs are unique, never seen. He’s like the new generation of Gualtier”.


Alternative Fashion, Fashion, Model, United-States, New York

Keep your eyes open for her upcoming role in the film ‘Manifest Mind’, as well as her fast-growing Youtube channel. Just remember wild ones that 4 years ago Riri fearlessly took on Los Angeles, and as can you! There’s nothing but procrastination that stands against your will to dedicate. Live forever young, forever wild!


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