If you have yet to get acquainted with Rachel Kanner and her music, you’re going to want to! Luckily for you (and us) we’ve had the opportunity to get to know her on two separate occasions. We are ecstatic to present to you an inside look on our inspiration and girl crush, Rachel Kanner. For those of you who haven’t heard of this fierce redhead, we invite you to discover the mastermind behind the new album BONES releasing this summer. This young and talented go getter has opened our eyes to the importance of confidence and the possibilities that life can bring when you pursue your passions and disregard what others think of you.

Wild Eyes Magazine has had the privilege to meet up with the inspiring Rachel Kanner in both Los Angeles, and New York City! Spending the majority of her time between these two mega-metropolis, Rachel has had a taste of both worlds making her mark wherever she goes. Kanner will be launching her new Album: Bones, this summer and will be touring throughout the United States, so keep your eyes peel for her upcoming tour dates.


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Raised in Chicago Illinois, at a young age Rachel became fixated on performing and participated in several plays and events in which she “forced” her parents to attend. Like any child, excited and passionate about something, we seek validation through our parents; having an extremely supportive family allowed Kanner to grow confidently and professionally within the performing arts industry.


At the mere age of 18 she packed up her bags and moved to New York City where she attended the reputable NYU School for the Arts. While at NYU she had the opportunity to meet the infamous Joan Jett who to this day has inspired her tremendously and has helped shape the woman she has become. Not many people can say they have had the privilege of meeting or let alone hearing a speech from one of our personal icons. This moved Rachel and gave her that extra boost she needed in terms of reassuring her career path.


Having worn a variety of “hats” so to speak, Rachel has a passion for Fashion, Makeup, Music, Art, and a variety of different subcultures, she has had a wide experience in all regions from working at Patricia Field downtown Manhattan, New York, to working alongside Freg Segel in Los Angeles, Rachel has demonstrated that music, art, and fashion can co-exist in harmony within one’s life, and that they do not constrict or overpower one another.


Today, more than ever, we find that young individuals, especially young females, are experiencing a difficult time being exposed to harmful stereotypes depicted by Popular Culture. Rachel Kanners philosophy disregards these harmful notions and has taught us that we can’t take no for an answer when it comes to our dreams. Rachel has found herself missing the charms of New York City in comparison to the “shark tank” mentality currently consuming Los Angeles.

Alternative Fashion, California, Los Angeles, Lifestyle, Beauty, Rachel Kanner

During the time Wild Eyes Magazine spent with Rachel, we learned several things about how far kindness and curiosity can take you, as well as the importance of confidence in today’s society (more so than ever). This genuine spitfire not only has the talent but meets the whole package with her jam-packed personality and a sense of humor that will have you gasping for air. Meeting interesting people and surrounding yourself by like-minded individuals has shaped Rachel Kanner into the cunning, driven, and unstoppable force she is today.

Alternative Fashion, California, Los Angeles, Lifestyle, Beauty, Rachel Kanner

What we have taken from our experience meeting Rachel is simple: it’s beyond important to be fearless and unapologetic when it comes to pursuing your dreams, and she truly embodies these ideals in full force. There’s no time to sit around wishing for the life you want, and that’s why Kanner is our true Girl Crush! You do you, Wild Ones!
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By Alixandra Postman
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