Yet another year has passed where the world’s biggest names in fashion join together to celebrate the renowned event that is New York’s Fashion Week. What was once known as “Press Week” back in 1942, is now considered “a time of year” that people look utmost forward to and now takes place in cities all across North America and Europe. From February 11th to the 18th, designers from all over the world flew down to host their fall/winter and summer collections for the upcoming 2016 seasons.

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Kick starting the week, Kanye West live broadcasted his Yeezy Season 3 collection held in Madison Square Garden to the soundtrack of his new album, Life of Pablo. The show was a three-hour event that can now be streamed on Tidal to watch what might be the most talked about runway show last month. With Naomi Campbell walking the runway in Kanye’s signature nude coloured style, celebrities like Jay-Z, Gigi Hadid and – no shocker here – the Kardashians watched from the front-row seats in MSG. Later on that evening, celebrities like Rihanna and Marc Jacobs hosted huge parties to celebrate the art of fashion in rooms filled with the most famous supermodels in today’s pop culture.


Once the partying was over, Marc Jacobs surprised the audience with guests Lady Gaga and Kendall Jenner walk the catwalk both clothed in big platform boots and big rounded shoulder pads. The ghostly aura of the show left spectators on their toes, excited for the approaching season of Marc Jacobs fashion: we expect lots of big bulky materials and plenty of dark colors. Similarly, R13’s collection brought us back to the 1990s with everything punk and grunge inspired. To no surprise, vintage was this year’s returning trend in fashion.  

Alternative Fashion, Fashion, Model, United-States, New York, Lifestyle, Beauty, New York Fashion Week 2016

We saw more depth in the vintage lines with designers like Alice and Olivia as well as Jeremy Scott dressing their models in 1960’s inspired clothing giving off The Jetson’s sort of vibe, mixed with Farrah Fawcett-like hair. Just like the 60’s, Libertine’s collection showed lots of color and prints on the runway for their ready-to-wear clothing. Other trends noted were velvet, off-the shoulder, extra long sleeves and big fur coats.


Tommy Hilfiger made a splash with their colorful/sailor themed swimwear with supermodel Gigi Hadid walking the big Titanic-like inspired runway. Making the same kind of statement, Kate Spade’s catwalk was covered in colorful flowers to represent the smart and feminine clothing that Kate Spade showcased on the night of their show.

Alternative Fashion, Fashion, Model, United-States, New York, Lifestyle, Beauty, New York Fashion Week 2016

What got most people talking was the Pyer Moss fashion show that gave tribute to mental illness. With pins stating words like “LSD”, “Oxy”, “Prozac” and “Molly”, the very wearable collection spread awareness of the desensitized illness that is depression: a very personal issue for the designer Kerby Jean-Raymond who has personally suffered from the disease. At the end of the show, the last model to walk the catwalk held up a sign with the words “My demons won today I’m sorry”; a final note from Black Lives Matter activist Marshawn McCarrel who had committed suicide earlier that week. Pyer Moss’ runway show displayed recognition and conveyed a powerful message through the use of fashion.


Models, celebrities, designers, and style filled the streets of New York for yet another fabulous year. As the world watched through Snapchat stories and live-streamed videos, fashion got its annual makeover and people sure did take note of it. In no time we will see Kanye beiges and Marc Jacob inspired booties walking around cities all over the world. Ah, ain’t NYFW just the greatest?!

By Olivia Bourgeois