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Melissa Merk, the very beautiful and creative YouTuber and part-time model from Vancouver, Canada has blown everyone’s mind here at Wild Eyes Magazine. With over 374K subscribers on YouTube and 66.6K followers on Instagram, Melissa has caught the attention of people from all over the world. Her life has quickly turned into something so great – that not even Melissa was able to see coming – after having posted her very first YouTube video all those years ago. Her passion for health, beauty and lifestyle keeps people wanting more by tuning in weekly on her vlog channel. Melissa has worked with names like Vanity Fox, Rosebud magazine and even Canada’s very own television network, Much Music.


Melissa posted her very first YouTube video in 2008 when she was just fifteen years old. She told me that at the time, she was only really planning on posting a few videos here and there – maybe expecting to reach at most 100 subscribers. She didn’t even know that people were able to make a living off of YouTube videos only until a few years in. Well, 8 years and over 280 videos later, Melissa was able to quit her part-time job as a retail worker and start her career as a full time YouTuber. Being part of the YouTube community has opened up some serious doors for Ms. Merk, giving her the opportunity to travel, meet some amazing people, and attend some kick-ass events.

“I never thought I’d still be doing YouTube at 22, but I love it.”


Melissa, famous for posting makeup tutorial videos and fashion hauls, is always up to date on the latest trends. After having asked her what fashion go-to’s she’s falling for this season, she admittedly told us that the whole sweatpant/hoodie style is all that she has been wearing lately; “I’m all about the casual, sporty look.” As for makeup, Melissa loves the oh-natural look to go along with her laidback style. In her latest video, she praises using Covergirl Trublend liquid foundation, Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up Stick concealer, Covergirl Brow & Eye Makers for her eyebrows, and very light mascara on her top lashes for an everyday, natural look.

Alternative Fashion, California, Los Angeles, Lifestyle, Beauty, Youtube, Melissa Merk, Vlogger, Vlog


Starting off her career as a teen and growing into a well-deserving successful YouTuber, Melissa is an inspiration for any future vloggers that are wanting to start up their very own channel. By revealing her true self to the camera, people have grown to love the infamous Vancouver girl who’s dream (that she didn’t even know she had) has come true. The advice that she gives for those that are planning to start vlogging is to “just go for it. You really don’t have anything to lose!” Believe us, we would take her word for it.


Melissa’s plans for the upcoming future is to work on posting more content on both her blog and Instagram account. Her goal is to continue posting videos regularly on her YouTube channel. However, she wishes to branch out and try new things while still being consistent with her posts. We are looking forward to seeing much more of Melissa in 2016. You go girl!


To get the latest details on what’s going on in Melissa Merk’s daily life, you can subscribe to her YouTube channel, check out her personal blog, or even give her a follow on Twitter or on Instagram @melissamerk.

A special thanks to Melissa Merk for taking the time to work with us with such a busy schedule.

By: Olivia Bourgeois
Instagram: @olii_bourgeois