Wild Eyes Magazine had the priviledge to sit down with Allie Fraley Marketing Manager & Brand Ambassador of Herbivore Botanicals, the new organic skin care brand that recently made its way to the shelves of Sephora and Urban Outfitters nationwide.


WEM: Allie, could you tell us how the project of Herbivore Botanical came about?

HB : The founders, Julia Wills & Alex Kummerow, began to create products because of their own personal skin problems, and they contemplated making their own products, that way they could be specific in what they want to do and all the process will be homemade and natural. At the same time Julia was training on natural ingredients, which was practical and ended up working in harmony with their business endeavor.


WEM : Did they ever think they would become as successful as they are today?

HB : They [the founders] never thought they could start a business from the products they designed for themselves. They started very simple, just for fun. They shared the products with their friends and family who told them “Wow that’s great, you should sell this!” they then started to sell their products on Etsy and from there, it became very popular. They had never set a specific goal, they didn’t think they would arrive to what they got today, like being at the Sephora store. It’s a kind of surprise for them. They [Julia & Alex] never imagined that it would take such proportions, they first created products for their personal needs and now they are being sold at Sephora!


WEM : What would you consider being the signature of the line?

HB : We think of nature, natural products and natural ingredients. We really believe in the power of nature to make a difference on our skin. You know what you put on your skin affects your entire body. Also , our senses are important to us. We want to offer products that really feel good, that apply very well and are very beautiful in aesthetic.

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WEM : What is setting Herbivore Botanicals apart from the competitors?

HB : I would say we incorporate a lot on freshness and quality into our products and their designs. Herbivore is very modern and it follows the new generation and merges well with it.


WEM : What are some of the challenges that the company had faced over the years?

HB : We started from nothing and the founders were not necessarily in business. I think the brand has been lucky, we overcame many challenges. We don’t have a laboratory, everything is handmade, we are a very small company and starting in the field of business is a challenge, it’s really not easy.


WEM : What is the most common ingredients used in your products ?

HB : Blue clay to detoxify, lapis blue oil & jasmin orchid oil. It’s mainly of those natural ingredients we find in most of our products. They are so special and so effective.


WEM : Looking back, what are the most used products of 2015?

HB : All products with coconut / coconut rose were a great success.


WEM : In your opinion what is Herbivore Botanicals Holy Grail product every women should have?

HB : The Coconut rose mist, because this product is excellent for all skin types. It can be used as a tonic, but also as a cool mist later in the day, it’s really moisturizing and it feels incredible.


WEM : Which product would you say is your current bestseller and why?

HB : Lapis oil is the star of our brand. This blue color is as it appears in nature, we don’t add anything in terms of dyes to the product. It was highly mentioned by the press and we got great reception from people who have skin problems such as acne.


WEM : Do you have any advice for young entrepreneurs starting their own business?

HB : Get to know your brand and philosophy. Also be fresh, try to find something that no one else has out there. That’s where we really succeeded. We found that natural skincare was lacking some elements and we made our own.

If you’d like to know more about Herbivore Botanicals and their new products you can visit their website: herbivorebotanicals.com

By Rania H.


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