At 55 years old, Henry Rollins has become a household name in what seems to be dozens of industries. Whether it is as an actor, musician, writer, motivational speaker or TV/ Radio host, I guarantee that you’ve seen or heard him somewhere. In his new film “He never died”, the former member of “Black Flag” stars as Jack, an action anti-hero with a daughter to save. Think “Taken”, but with a whole lot more blood, a whole lot more swearing and a lead role you can actually picture kicking some real life ass. Lucky for us, Henry is not only giving us a chance to look at a screening of his latest gig, he’s also giving us the chance to learn more about him in a very special Q&A session.


Q : “He never died” is your latest work; can you tell us something about the film most people don’t know?

A : It is about a man named Jack. He has been alive for centuries. He’s depressed, bored and really good at killing people. It’s an interesting and by turns, funny film. It was one of the best scripts I have ever read. I am sure anyone interested can find the trailer online.


Q : Why acting? How does it feel when you see yourself on screen? Do you prefer to be recognized as an actor or as a musician (Why)?

A : It’s work and I take it. I don’t feel anything when I see myself onscreen. I am only interested in the work, not the result. Obviously, I would like the film to be good but I am mainly interested in doing things, not hanging around to look at them. I would prefer not to be recognized. Like I said, I am interested in the work itself, the act of doing. I am not an artist. I am an opportunist. If something interesting comes up, I go for it and see how well I can do.

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Q : How did the movie “He Never died” come to be? What were some of the challenges you had to face when making this film?

A : It was written with me in mind, which is a first. I think the biggest challenge was getting the money to make it. Thankfully, that’s not my department. When making it, we were challenged with the task of getting a lot of things right without the benefit of having more takes. Some of the things that have to break just right, we had one shot at it. Somehow, it all worked.


Q : When did you start to realize you had talent in acting? How does it feel to play the main character of the film?

A : I don’t think I have any acting talent. I show up and don’t get kicked off the set. I am as amazed as anyone else that I get any acting work at all. I approached the part in He Never Died as I do in any part. I go for it with all I have. The only thing different with HND is that there was more work. I felt no real pressure because I had worked very hard to prepare. Once we were doing the actual film, it was like getting in a fast car and hitting the gas. I really enjoyed it.


Q : If you could give advice to a young up and coming actor what would you say?

A : I would probably ask them for some tips. I think the most important thing with acting, music – any artistic goal – is you have to give all of yourself to it. You must commit. This is what I learned doing music. You have to be all in or not at all. That’s one of the things I like about acting, you can really throw yourself into it.


Q : What was your goal in making this film? What did you get out of making it?

A : The goal was to make it as best we could. I got a lot out of making it. I learned a lot about listening, working with others and being more available to other actors while shooting a scene.


Q : Who has inspired you the most in life and why? Whose acting do you admire?

A : I think the person who has inspired me most would be Ian MacKaye. I wish I had his patience and insight. I admire a lot of people’s acting. I am flatfooted with it. When you see someone who can really do it, it’s almost scary. It is a rare talent.


Q : You’ve been an inspiration to young adults by being brutally honest about everyday subjects, what challenges do you think are hardest for young adults in today’s society and how should we approach them?

A : I think at least one of the hardest challenges will be for young people to make a living. You train to do something and get out there to find that you need to be able to do a few things. I think there will be a lot of people with a few part time jobs rather than one full time job. I think young people would be well served to get multiple skill sets. There are simply more people in the world. They all want to eat. The pie is the same size but more people want a slice.


Q : What is next for Henry Rollins in 2016?

A : I have three films out this year, a lot of shows and travel going into late January of next year.


Conclusion: Thank you Henry. For those who didn’t know, Henry Rollins’ new film “He Never Died” was released in theatres on March 17.

By Noah Gareau