We had the greatest pleasure to chat with the (crazy gorgeous) founder of Boho Flow, Cristina Monti. This young woman has a lot of quirk and is quite possibly one of the sweetest ladies that we have ever met! Continue reading to find out exactly why Wild Eyes is going crazy over Monti’s outstanding work.


Monti aims to inspire leaving her to create her blog, The Boho Flow. She uses this platform to help other women, like herself, to develop their style and promote self-confidence. The subjects presented on her blog range from travel to beauty tricks, music and cooking.


From a quick glance, her style is easily recognizable of high end clothing with a mix of chic. Everything from luxurious pieces to glamour accessories are all properly represented in most of her outfits.


When we asked her about what exactly it takes to be a successful blogger, she told us that “anyone can become a blogger. But, you have to make sure to stay extremely true to your style, your vision, your look… Just stay true to yourself.” She also adds that consistency, just like everything else you do in life, is the ultimate key to success.


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The important ingredient to get yourself noticed according to Cristina is innovation. “Blogs are increasingly common now, innovation is necessary and this is where your creative sense plays everything. Inspiration must be sustainable.” In order to be different it has been shown time and time again that innovation will be the winning factor that will set you apart from the other bloggers in the blog community. Monti demonstrates this by providing high quality pictures a long with doing research on all of the styles shown on The Boho Flow. Trends change and fashion is constantly evolving; The BohoFlow monitors these changes leaving them to always be ahead of the game. Her objective is to keep the pace with other international bloggers, to always impress her readers with beautiful colors, quality items and to always play around with different styles.


So what must a person know beforehand when wanting to launch their very own blog? The founder tells us that “any blog requires investment as time and money, you have to work with what you have, especially at the beginning. Other resources like having a photographer depends on other factors and the type of blog you own, but the first and most important factor is to have the energy and will power to create the blog that will reflect who you are.” Take note, kids.


2016 is definitely going to be Cristina’s year with a new column on beauty tips, YouTube videos and a new sportswear line coming up. This is definitely her time to shine! But, we promised to keep all the details a secret. 😉


By Rania.H
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