Jason Nott and Bryan King, two of the Californian formation Beachwood Coyotes had the chance to meet with Wild Eyes Magazine in order to talk about their new single « Silence » recorded in collaboration with Bad Suns producer, Eric Palquist.
A few years after Jason Nott, Beachwood Coyotes front man, last musical endeavor in another music formation, he is now gathering all of his energy into this new project with fellow band mates Bryan King, Al Curtis, Drew Smith.

New Single ‘’Cage’’

Beachwood Coyotes has now reached the maturity that their members have yearn for over the years and are now ready to take it to the next level after producing their new single ‘’Silence’’ and ‘’Cage’’ with Bad Suns’s producers Eric Palmquist. “ He really helped us to polish our sounds and take it where we wanted.” Says King. “We definitely connected, it was a great experience and we are looking forward to collaborate with him again in the future.” both Nott and King agree, which could mean that a full album could be in the same vein as the new single. Their sound they can be compared to a fusion of Young the Giant and The Vines making them a powerful indie rock combinaison.
Since the release of their new single the band has been going the extra mile, multiplying interview, shows and planning to tour this summer. “We want to reach as many people as we can, get out there and play.” Nott says with stars in his eyes. If anyone thought that after the release of their single that the band would sit back and appreciate their effort, it only sparked their envy to reach for more and get their name out there.
Coming from various career backgrounds, the band is able to assure every aspect of their band’s needs from promotion to the production of their music video.
Although they are not yet signed to a label we talked about how nowadays being signed to label is no longer requirement, “Today it doesn’t mean anything to be signed. Some bands get signed and are being forgotten by their label. It’s no longer what it use to be.” It shines a new light on the music industry and the way of doing music in 2016.
Be sure to have a look at Beachwood Coyotes new music video here.

Tour dates
05.12 | The Hi Hat | 9PM | 5043, York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
05.14 | Yolo Brewing Company | 8PM | 1520 Terminal St, West Sacramento, CA
05.12 | Seven Bar and Kitchen | 8PM | 224 Helena Ave, Santa Barbara,

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