Wild Eyes Magazine has been honored to get an inside look of West Coast Canadian based Apparel line BASEMENT HEADS. These young street inspired creators are raising the bar with their aesthetic and company mission while embracing creativity and promoting individuality.

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We got to hear from Yaw Obrenu Yamoah, one of Basement Heads Founders and this is what he had to say on behalf of the upcoming street label, Basement Heads.

Why basement? It’s probably the first thing we get asked every time someone learns that we own a brand. To answer that question I think I have to go right to the beginning. When we were getting started It was like the world was asking for me to start a brand, a few nights before me and Jarred really met, I was talking to my ex girl and was saying that I was frustrated that I couldn’t put my art out, with the brand I was working for. She told me to start my own, but I was scared to take that leap, and I didn’t quite know anything about business.


A few days later Jarred came up to me to ask if he could ask me a few questions about how to start a brand. I remember telling him that “I will talk to him later,” and just walked away. Jarred always says he was like what the fuck, but a few days later we hung out and we decided to jump. Brain and trophy came next; I asked them if I could come over one night, I think I said that I have an idea that will change their life. I can be dramatic so I think they just laughed, and told me when to come. I told them that I wanted to start a clothing line, and that it be amazing to have them on the team. Brain was excited, but Trophy always thinks back to that first day, and says he thought I was crazy. Clothing is not a market that has a lot of success so after a few conversations he said he must be crazy too.

Alternative Fashion, California, Los Angeles, Lifestyle, Basement Heads, Clothing brand, Apparel

But we still didn’t have a name, after a few days of throwing names back, and forth we landed on portray. Even to this day there are sketches in my art book trying to find a logo for portray. I think the reason that name never stuck is because it wasn’t authentic to who we are as artist. One night Jarred texted me with the word basement, after reading the word I got chills, because it becomes bigger then me and Jarred story, bigger then Trophy’s voice, or Brains height, it becomes the dream.
Let me explain: Basement is the place you practiced what you were passionate about, it was the place you could be anything, it was the place where money and societal pressures didn’t exist. And all of us have felt that, we all wanted to be more, but some how we got caught up in all the pressures. So basement is basis of believing you can. Nike says Just Do It, we say I’m coming upstairs now.

Alternative Fashion, California, Los Angeles, Lifestyle, Basement Heads, Clothing brand, Apparel

I remember the first time I got invited to one of my friends house, it was the first ever time someone invited just me anywhere. I was so excited, when I got to his house I realized we were living two different lives. He had the newest toys and the best games, I swear he even had his own bow and arrow. I couldn’t even imagine having so much. A few weeks later he asked if he could come to my place, I was frightened to have him over, I didn’t know what he would think. I only a few new games with bottle caps and because it was winter we couldn’t really play any sports outside, plus I hate the cold. I kept trying to get him interested in the few games I had planned but I could tell he was bored. He yawned and kept saying “maybe I should go home.”
I felt defeated but after my mom heard he wanted to go home she told us to go to the basement, and that she would call his mother soon. When we got downstairs I began to transform the look of my basement. I set two chairs beside each other, and began relating to my friend what I saw. I told him we were pilots and that we were in the war. I told him that he controlled the guns and I flew the plane. I yelled out “they’re coming from the left or the right” and he would pretend to shoot them. He began to dream. This was the first time I realized that my dreams could take shape. With a little bit of imagination and belief a dream can be reality. This is basement dreams, we are all basement heads.

To check out more of what the Basement Heads have to offer, visit www.basementheads.com
We cant wait to see what they will come up with next! Stay tuned, wild ones.

By Alixandra Postman
E-mail: alixandrapostman@gmail.com
Instagram: @joosebumps